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Future-Proof your Real Estate

Whether you have one property, a small portfolio or you’re a global commercial real estate behemoth, now is the time to future-proof your real estate. Good Management can ensure that you meet the highest ESG standards. We help developers, property managers, investors, commercial landlords ensure that their properties comply with the latest ESG and Net Zero legislation and certifications.

ESG and sustainability must become part of the fabric of your real estate in every sense. From sustainable construction methods and materials, ethical sourcing and labour practices, efficient operations management, carbon, energy, waste and water strategies, community impacts, employee and resident wellbeing… the list goes on. At Good Management, we can help to ensure that your property is a force for good. We help you do good, better.

The Benefits of Sustainable Real Estate

Good Management can show you how to cement your position as a pioneer in ESG within the Real Estate industry. This is what your tenants now expect. Socially and environmentally responsible buildings that will leave a positive impact on residents and local communities.

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Environmental Benefits

The real estate industry is estimated to be responsible for around 20% of the world’s carbon emissions. Cutting down could have a huge knock-on effect for the planet.

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Social Benefits

Build a community that enhances the lives and wellbeing of residents, tenants and employees. Benefit the local community and support relevant local causes.


Economic Benefits

Sustainable developments have lower vacancy rates and operational costs. Yields and valuations are higher. Lenders offer favourable terms for ESG innovation.

Reputational Benefits

Investing in sustainable construction and management strategies makes business sense. Do it well and you’ll have plenty to shout about to your stakeholders.

How Can Good Management Help You?

ESG Strategies for Real Estate

We work with companies large and small to help them navigate the complex world of ESG and Net Zero. Our clients include multi-national commercial real estate companies, national and international developers, property management companies, private equity firms and asset managers, facilities managers and commercial landlords. Our experienced Real Estate ESG consultants work on key ESG projects or within your team as a retained outsourced resource.

  • ESG Review and Gap Analysis

  • Net Zero Strategy and Roadmap

  • ESG Policy Documents

  • ESG Strategy Workshops and Documents

  • ESG Ratings & Certifications

  • Bespoke ESG Training and Workshops

  • ESG Data Management

  • ESG Report Preparation

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Supply Chain Audits

Property-Level ESG Consultancy Services

In addition to our corporate ESG consultancy services we offer property-level sustainability consulting. We work with property and asset managers, developers, commercial landlords and real estate firms to undertake building-specific ESG projects. From carbon measurement and reduction strategies to certifications and ESOS Assessments and everything in between. If you’d like to future-proof your real estate asset then have a look at our services below and get in touch.

  • Carbon Footprint Measurement and Analysis

  • Building Certifications – WELL, Fitwel, BREEAM and more…

  • ESG & Sustainability Reports for Planning Applications

  • Net Zero Strategy and Roadmap

  • Pre-Demolition Material Audits

  • ESG Due Diligence in Construction or Acquisition

  • ESOS Assessments (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme)

  • ESG Data Management

  • Sustainable and Ethical Procurement Policy

Key ESG Questions for Real Estate

  • Making the case for investment: How can you show the financial return of sustainable construction and management?
  • Showcasing the benefits: How can you ensure that your stakeholders buy-in to your sustainability plans?
  • Benchmarking Success: What levels of sustainability can be achieved within the relevant budget?
  • Data Management: How can you measure the sustainability of your property and showcase it to the world?
  • Carbon Footprint Measurement: What is the carbon footprint of your property and can you reduce it?
  • Credible Certifications: Which ESG ratings and real estate sustainability certifications are relevant to your property or portfolio?
  • End-user benefits: How can you influence sustainable behaviours in your tenants or residents to reduce costs and improve impact?
  • Policy compliance: What ESG Policies do you need and how can you ensure that your policies are current with changing legislation?
Sustainable Building

Our Clients in Real Estate & Construction

Embed ESG & Sustainability into your Real Estate

Installing an EV charger or a few solar panels on the roof just doesn’t cut it anymore. Your stakeholders are looking for you to go above and beyond to demonstrate your sustainability credentials as a company and those of your real estate. Good Management of Environment, Social and Governance practices should be engrained into your core values and company purpose. Your Real Estate shouldn’t cost the earth and in fact, Good Management can show you how some simple efficiency changes can make a positive difference to your bottom line.

Do Good, Better with our Sustainable Real Estate Consulting Service

To get ahead in a crowded market, you must consider your ESG and sustainability measures at a company, construction and management level. Our sustainable real estate consulting service can help you become pioneers in your field. For a FREE consultation on how we can help you Do Good, Better…