Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business model that helps a business manage its social and environmental impacts. A company that practises corporate social responsibility is more able to be aware of the impact they are having on society around them. A company with a good CSR strategy has a positive influence on society and the environment. They are looking after the planet and making people happy just by doing good business, it’s as simple as that.

Importance of Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Corporate Social Responsibility has never been more important. In recent years, terms like ESG sustainability, and Net Zero have superseded it but CSR is the original term for how ethical and sustainable or in other words, how ‘good’ a company is. Corporate Social Responsibility makes the business significantly more attractive to customers, suppliers and investors, while also increasing its positive impact on the world around it.

Benefits of CSR Management

A business that can seamlessly integrate Corporate Social Responsibility into its core values and brand image is likely to be able to attract a whole new audience that considers the impact of the businesses they engage with paramount. CSR management can also have a hugely positive impact on the public perception of the company. According to Forbes, CSR accounts for 40% of a company’s reputation.

Corporate Social Responsibility Services

Good Management helps businesses manage their CSR from start to finish. From performing a CSR performance review to helping you build a watertight CSR strategy, to writing a policy and regular reporting, we have a range of corporate social responsibility services that are designed to make your sustainability journey as hassle-free as possible.

CSR Review

A CSR review assesses your company’s current social responsibility performance — what are you doing well, where can it be improved, what should be maintained, etc. A review acts as the first step on the road to the betterment of your business. It’s a CSR MOT for your business and our recommendations report will ensure you have tangible actions to improve your CSR performance.

CSR Strategy

Our CSR strategies are purpose built for each and every client we work with. This ensures that your approach is unique to your company, to your industry, and to your passions. We can help you set and achieve CSR performance targets using international CSR standards. We involve you every step of the way through workshops, stakeholder engagement and align your CSR strategy to your company values.

CSR Policy Writing

Your company’s CSR policy should be a statement of intent of your plan to ensure your impact on the world around you is as positive as can be. A good CSR policy aligns with your core goals, is engaging, yet simple to read and understand. We can showcase this on your website using a micro-site or subdomain for your CSR policy or we produce a policy document for you to add to your website and promotional material.

CSR Reports

CSR reporting is vital to the success of your CSR program. Improving your business is not a short-term process. You should be regularly reporting on data, feedback from customers, employees, shareholders etc. to better understand your actual CSR performance compared to your initial strategy. Openness and honesty in CSR reporting is vital and we help to balance communication of positive performance and improvements that are being made.

Evaluating Corporate Social Responsibility

Evaluating corporate social responsibility allows an organisation to more clearly make decisions to better its CSR output. The evaluation of your CSR entails assessing your transparency, how your staff and management have bought into the process, what issues have been/will be addressed, and more.

Our Clients

We chose to work with the team at Good Management as it was clear from the outset that they had the passion and expertise needed to help us create and execute our CSR strategy. Their work has been invaluable.

Kevin Gibbons

Managing Director, Re:Signal

Good Management Group Ltd undertook a full review of our ESG performance. The cost was extremely competitive and the results exceeded expectations. Great, knowledgeable and enthusiastic team. I look forward to working with them again soon.

Mark Sahal

Chief Operating Officer, Unily

The main statement that I would like to make is that the whole piece was brilliantly tailored to our individual situation. Thank you once again for the effort you put in to helping us make the first few steps in changing the travel industry for the better!

Mark Gardner

Managing Director, MSG Tours

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