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What is an ESG Policy?

An ESG policy compiles the environmental, social, and governance standards that a company chooses to hold itself to. It’s a statement of intent that should align with the company’s values and mission. ESG is the framework a socially and environmentally conscious company uses when making important decisions and reporting on impacts on people and the planet.

A credible ESG policy helps you to articulate the purpose of your company and your mission. What good are you doing whilst go about your business? Your ESG Policy shows your intentions and targets and should be combined with an ESG Strategy which gives you a credible action plan and an ESG Report which shows your performance against your goals. That being said, we frequently write ESG Policies in isolation from any other work streams.

To compile your ESG Policy, we require a consultation to understand your business further and your goals. We’ll then run a workshop with your key stakeholders to ensure that your team have bought into the process. Investment starts at £3900 + VAT.

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Importance of Having an ESG Policy

Companies are faced with increasing scrutiny from shareholders, suppliers and customers when it comes to their ESG performance. If you haven’t already, it’s only a matter of time before you have to fill out a supplier ESG form or provide your ESG policy in a pitch or tender.

Placing a greater focus on ESG through a credible ESG policy can allow you to maximise the positive impact of your business, as well as demonstrate to all interested parties that you are taking your responsibilities seriously. An ESG Policy ensures that you are on the right side of history, you are doing the right thing but it also has significant benefits.

Benefits of an ESG Policy

Showcasing the goals set out in your ESG policy is a starting point for your entire ESG strategy and performance. It gives you something you can share with interested parties. You’re doing good work, you’ve got good intentions, so why not shout about it?

An ESG policy can also have significant benefits for your relationships with:

  • Clients
  • Suppliers
  • Investors
  • Current Employees
  • Prospective Employees

Developing ESG Policy Documentation

The time where businesses could make token gestures towards fighting the good fight are over. A spotlight of scrutiny is being placed on the values and sustainability goals of companies like never before. It is essential to show you are making a real difference. While the process of developing an ESG strategy is likely to be different for every company starting the journey, there are some important things that should remain consistent:

Assess Performance

An initial assessment should be the basis for all ESG policy documentation. As part of our 4 step process a comprehensive review is included, however if you only require an ESG Policy then we conduct an initial consultation with your ESG team and set to work mapping out priorities for your Policy. The better we understand your business, the more specific your ESG Policy Document will be. You can help by methodically assessing your operation with us; locating specific areas of need.

Set Goals

When setting goals for your ESG policy, it pays to be ambitious. The most admired companies are breaking boundaries when it comes to their impacts on the environment, their employees and society as a whole. Using ESG frameworks like GRI, TCFD, CDP or SBTi will help you align your goals. That’s a lot of acronyms so we’re on hand to help advise you on the most suitable standards to use to set your ESG goals.

Adapt and Improve

ESG is an ever-changing journey. It’s vital that your ESG policy is continually updated so it needs to be written in such a way that allows for innovation and future developments. All you can do is to write an ESG policy that fits with your aspirations at any given time but you can also update that policy to adapt to new technology, regulations and expectations.


Any good ESG policy is always followed up with an ESG report. Reporting on your ESG policy and your achievements against your goals — what worked, what hasn’t, where you are currently etc. can be incredibly important to increasing your transparency. This can improve your perception with the public and in your industry and have a significant improvement on the success of your positive impacts.

How We Can Help

We can help you write your ESG policy from start to finish. Whether you want a full review, strategy, policies and reports as part of an annual package or project, or you’d just like a simple ESG policy that aligns to your company values and industry benchmarks we are on hand to help.

Our team of ESG consultants possess the expertise and experience necessary to help steer your business down the right path — for you, the company, your workers, investors, and the world around you.

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