ESG Data Management

What is ESG Data Management?

ESG data management is where a business assesses and analyses its efforts towards combating environmental, social, and governance issues. Managing ESG data effectively enables a company to get a clearer understanding of its current impact performance, as well as a better idea of where to focus its resources moving forward. Your ESG data should be used to showcase your performance but also help to make strategic business decisions. It’s vital to understand how you can collect and use this data. Our ESG consultants have used many systems over the years and know exactly what it takes to collect, analyse and report on data. We’ve worked on complex multi-national data management systems and simple, one-location ESG data systems. Whatever your requirements, we can ensure that you have an appropriate, cost-effective system so that all your data is in one place and ready for you to report on.

Importance of ESG Data Management

The importance of ESG data management is incredibly straightforward. If you are able to quantify where your business stands from a social and environmental impact reporting point of view, you can then use this information to improve your positive impacts in the future. There is no use setting out on a long journey without understanding all the facts beforehand. Given that even more scrutiny is being placed on organisations over the coming years, reliance on ESG data is only going to increase. It’s time to get your house in order.


We Help You Manage Your ESG Data Correctly

According to Schroders, 97% of investors now consider ESG issues as paramount when it comes to identifying which organisations to invest their money into. Learning how to manage your ESG data correctly gives you a significant head start. Our ESG consulting team will ensure you have the right systems and approach to your impact data that will allow you to make strategic decisions and report on your ESG performance regularly. Read on for more information on how we can help you define, collect, manage and report on your ESG data.


The sheer volume of ESG data points within any business can be overwhelming whether you’re starting from scratch or you’ve already got a system in place. Following a review of your data points and number of locations, our ESG consultants will help you to define exactly what is important to you. What data do you need to collect now and in the future? From energy management data to employee diversity data and everything in between, we ensure you an use that data to make improvements to your performance and report against your ESG strategy.


Collecting your ESG data is easier said than done. Most of our clients have multiple software systems and data points. Our consultants get to grips with your current systems both operational and financial to ensure that we can collect the data you need. Once we know how to collate the relevant data then we ensure you have one system to align it all. Our system extrapolates your data in the most pain-free and cost-effective method possible.


Our ESG data management platform organises your data concisely and effectively. Quite simply, if you don’t need it then we don’t show it. Your data is available when you need it and in the format you need it. The ideal situation for your data isn’t that it’s used once a year for an ESG Report, it should be readily available to make regular strategic business decisions. Spot anomalies, analyse trends, improve performance and drive down costs. This is the real value in our ESG data system.


Reporting your ESG performance is vital to your company credibility. Transparency and clarity are the key ingredients to a good ESG Report. Our ESG consultants ensure that your data is in the right format and ready for you to create your ESG Report whether you have a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual ESG Reporting structure.  We also help you you to report against various sustainability standards like TCFD, SFCR, GRI and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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