Sustainability Reports

What is a Sustainability Report?

A sustainability report is published annually to allow an organisation to communicate its environmental and social sustainability impact performance. A good sustainability report helps an organisation to be transparent, as well as providing them with a platform to discuss where they can improve. A good sustainability report should be aligned to relevant reporting standards including GRI, TCFD, SFDR, CDP and the UN SDG’s. At Good Management Group we help our clients to write and present their annual sustainability reports whilst aligning them to the most relevant credible standards.

Is Sustainability Reporting Mandatory?

In some industries or for publicly listed companies, sustainability reports are already mandatory in the UK, US and Europe. The general consensus is that it’s not a matter of ‘if’ sustainability reporting becomes mandatory for all businesses, but ‘when’. Reporting on your social and environmental impacts is a measure of how your company is performing against it’s strategy, policies and targets. Calls to enforce sustainability reporting have been getting increasingly louder more recently, prompting an expectation that the practice could become a legal requirement for all organisations in the future.

Sustainability Reporting Requirements

There are a number of sustainability reporting requirements that certain companies must follow already, namely the reporting on:

  • Energy usage
  • Greenhouse gases
  • Steps to prevent modern slavery
  • Gender pay gap regulations

It is only a matter of time until Net Zero reports are required by law. We are already helping our clients prepare these.

How to write a sustainability report

Annual sustainability reports can be complicated for any business. It is important that you do anything you can do to prepare for the process to ensure reports are consistent and accurate. At Good Management Group we help our clients to collect data, analyse performance and write their sustainability reports. We can help you too. We use the following simple methodology to complete our sustainability reports:

Select A Sustainability Framework

Between GRI, TCFD, CDP, UN SDGs, SFDR there are several key sustainability frameworks to choose from when compiling your annual sustainability report. Our sustainability consultants help you to select something that suits your business, engages your audience, and aligns with your company’s targets. This isn’t a straight forward choice and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Unfortunately it’s a complicated process to select, align and report against each framework which is why it can be time-consuming for companies of all sizes. We help you manage your reporting from start to finish in as pain-free a way as possible.

Assign Responsibility

Your organisation needs to own it’s impacts and how it reports on them. Working with our clients, we recommend the right structure to manage your sustainability reporting internally with assistance from our consultants. This ensures consistency, transparency, and quality when reporting your progress against targets.

Gather Performance Data

Producing a sustainability report collates a lot of information. From energy data to employee satisfaction scores, charity donations, community relations and everything in between. Thankfully, we can help you streamline the data collection process to allow you to focus your attention on other aspects of the report. With our help your report will be published quickly and seamlessly.

Guarantee Reliability and Relevance

As a business you should be seeking to ensure your sustainability reporting is as reliable and consistent as possible. The framework you use plays a big part in this approach. It is also vital to ensure that your sustainability report is relevant to your audience. We aren’t suggesting that you produce more than one report overall but we do advise to produce executive summaries for suppliers, customers/clients and investors. This way your sustainability report becomes genuinely relevant for your stakeholders.

Want to Know More?

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