Sustainability in Sport

Sustainability Consultants to Professional Sports Clubs, Associations and Events

The business of sport has always had a focus on community engagement and social impact but now more than ever, environmental sustainability is at the forefront of the industry. Don’t get left behind in a changing world. Your stakeholders, fans, players and partners are increasingly focused on the social and environmental impact your organisation has.

Sustainability in Sport is a gamechanger. It can reduce operating costs, increase value, improve fan engagement, future-proof your organisation all whilst helping to improve lives and save the planet. From sustainable stadium construction to ethical sourcing and fair labour practices, efficient operations management, carbon, energy, waste and water strategies, community impacts, employee, fan and player wellbeing… the list goes on. At Good Management, we can help to ensure that your sporting organisation is a force for good. We help you do good, better.

The Benefits of Sustainability in Sport

Sports Sustainability Consulting – we are experts in our field. Our experienced ESG, CSR & Sustainability consultants know how to ensure that your organisation has a positive impact on people and the planet. We help our clients to embed sustainability strategies into the foundations of your organisation.

Environmental Benefits

Sporting organisations have a rare opportunity to influence the lifestyles of sometimes millions of people worldwide by setting the standard and showcasing environmental sustainability strategies.

Allianz Arena Sustainability

Social Benefits

Sporting organisations can improve their reach and impact by working in tandem with the local communities they serve and looking out for the wellbeing of employees, players and fans alike.

Sustainability Football Stadium

Economic Benefits

Sustainable sports organisations have lower operational costs in the long term and more favourable terms with lenders if they have suitable ESG and sustainability credentials.

Sustainable Swimming

Reputational Benefits

Associations, governing bodies, clubs and events have an opportunity to improve their reputation by delivering on sustainability pledges and showcasing success on their journey.

How Can Good Management Help Sporting Organisations?

Sustainability Strategies for Sports Clubs & Associations

We work with sports clubs, governing bodies and their partners to ensure that their sustainability goals are aligned and their strategies make a tangible different to the planet and society. Our sports sustainability services include:

  • Net Zero Strategy and Roadmap

  • Sustainability Review and Gap Analysis

  • Sustainability Strategy Workshops and Documents

  • ESG Ratings & Certifications

  • Sustainability Policy Documents

  • Sourcing and Procurement Policies

  • Bespoke Sustainability Training

  • ESG Data Management

  • Sustainability Report Preparation

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Supply Chain Audits

Sustainability Strategies for Sports Events

Professional Sports and Events go hand in hand so whilst it’s vital that sports clubs and associations have a coherent sustainability strategy, this must completely encompass mass-participation and specator events. Read on to find out how we can help you organise a safe and sustainable sports event.

  • Carbon Footprint Measurement and Analysis

  • Sustainable Event Management Policy

  • Sustainable and Ethical Procurement Policy

  • ESG & Sustainability Report Preparation

  • Net Zero Strategy and Roadmap

  • ESG Data Management

  • Event Sustainability Audits

  • Travel and Transport Planning Documents

  • Sustainable Event Certifications

Questions we help our clients answer.

  • Net Zero Targets: How can set Net Zero targets that are easily communicated, ambitious but achievable?
  • Return on Investment: What is the financial return of sustainable sports and events management?
  • Showcasing the benefits: How can you ensure that your stakeholders, fans and employees buy-in to your sustainability plans?
  • Carbon Footprint Measurement: What is the carbon footprint of your organisation and can you reduce it to commit to Net Zero?
  • Defining Success: What levels of sustainability can be achieved within the relevant budget?
  • ESG Data Management: How can you measure the sustainability of your club, association or event then communicate this?
  • Credible Certifications: Which sustainability certifications are relevant to your field?
  • End-user benefits: How can you influence sustainable lifestyle behaviours in your supporters and participants to improve impact?
  • Policy compliance: What Sustainability Policies do you need and can you ensure that your policies are in line with changing legislation?
  • Real Estate Sustainability: How can you ensure your stadium, training complex are as sustainable as possible?
  • Associations: What best practice is there to aid collaboration among teams and clubs?
  • Diversity, Equality and Inclusion: How can your club be completely inclusive and lead the field in equality and diversity?
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Our Clients

Embed ESG & Sustainability into your Sporting Organisation

Sustainability in sport used to be as simple as donating money to a local charity, adding a veggie burger to the snack menu or a adding a few solar panels to the training ground roof. Half measures just don’t cut it anymore. Your stakeholders, players, supporters and partners are looking for you to go above and beyond to demonstrate your sustainability credentials. Do good on the field. Do good off it too. We’ll help you do good, better.

Do Good, Better with our Sports Sustainability Consulting Service

Lead the field in sustainability. Embed ESG, CSR and sustainability into the foundations of your organisation. Our sustainable sports consulting service can help you become industry leaders. For a FREE consultation on how we can help you Do Good, Better…