ESG Ratings

What is an ESG Rating?

An ESG rating is a means of determining how effective a company’s Environmental Social Governance (ESG) strategy is. Ratings are used by investors large and small to help them decide whether to invest in or acquire a company. Quite simply, the better your ESG rating, the more appealing you It quantifies costs totalled during the process of combating environmental, social, and governance risks. An ESG rating is often undertaken to complement a more traditional financial review.

Importance of an ESG Rating

Opting to achieve an ESG rating is a clear sign that a business is taking its impact on the planet extremely seriously. Not only does this benefit the environment and society, but research has also shown that accountability can be an important factor for investors.

Over 70% of potential investors believe a company has a responsibility to share ESG performance results, meaning transparency is essential if you are looking to secure the necessary funding to expand your operations. Starting your journey towards sustainability has never been more important.

The Benefits of an ESG Rating

More is expected of businesses than ever before. Nowadays, key stakeholders are paying serious attention to the environmental and societal impact of whoever they are dealing with. A transparent ESG rating shows that you are taking the situation seriously and doing your bit. These stakeholders include:

  • Shareholders
  • Clients
  • New hires
  • Businesses you may want to work with

With so much scrutiny on the effect a company is having on the environment and society, you do not want to be left behind.

How to Improve ESG Ratings

ESG issues have never been more important to potential investors and anybody looking to work with a company. Therefore, it is important for any and all businesses to strive to improve their ESG rating, any way they can.


Any business seeking to improve their ESG rating should first assess what their current output is, and then identify where they can improve. An independent specialist, such as ourselves, can carry out an in-depth review of your situation and recommend the steps you should consider next.


Developing your ESG strategy with the goal of integrating it into the values of investors, shareholders, customers, and staff will create the feeling of everybody pulling in the same direction towards a shared goal. Following globally accepted frameworks like CDP or GRI can go a long way towards this.


It’s much easier to carry out wholesale changes if everybody is fully on-board from the very beginning. Clearly discussing the particulars of your company’s position and how you believe you can improve your ESG rating can do wonders to ensure your stakeholders ‘buy in’ to the process.


Reporting your ESG rating and strategy to interested parties can also have the knock-on effect of increasing transparency and trust with potential clients/customers, but also turn the heads of potential investors. If you’re ever unsure about the best way to shout about your achievements, we can help.

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