ESG Strategy

What is an ESG Strategy?

An ESG Strategy is a way of showcasing the environmental, social, and governance factors that your company considers vitally important. Armed with ESG strategy documents your business can better understand its performance and consider its impact; enabling you to turn your ESG goals into tangible action.

Importance of an ESG Strategy

An ESG strategy lets your business better align its operation with its sustainability goals. After all, it’s no use setting out on a journey without working out how you’re going to get there beforehand. What’s more, this gradual shift from focusing entirely on consumers and your bottom line to the positive impact your organisation can have on the world around us can direct greater change within the industry. Only once the first domino has fallen can the rest follow.

Benefits of an ESG Strategy

Producing a proactive ESG strategy can have a positive effect on your company’s long-term success. The additional focus an ESG strategy brings can allow you to:

  • streamline your operations
  • improve performance
  • reduce operating costs
  • gain an additional audience

This is all possible while making a positive change to the planet.

Developing an ESG Strategy

The time where businesses could make token gestures towards fighting the good fight are over. A spotlight of scrutiny is being placed on the values and sustainability goals of companies like never before. It is essential to show you are making a real difference. While the process of developing an ESG strategy is likely to be different for every company starting the journey, there are some important things that should remain consistent:


It’s important to assess your current state in order to work out which aspects of your business should be prioritised — allowing you to clearly highlight your company’s ESG goals. This can be done by assessing your operation, policies, data etc.

Set Goals

Formulating goals can be an excellent way of consistently measuring improvements towards shared business goals. It is important at this stage to consider how improvement can be assessed, and the level of ambition you wish to target.

Develop Your ESG Roadmap

Without a clear strategy in place, even the most well-thought out ESG strategies will likely fail. Develop your goals and clearly signpost a timeframe for each target to be met, culminating in a final destination point for each member of the team to pull towards, together.

Implementation and Analysis

Once the roadmap is set an ESG strategy team can be set up. This can consist of internal team members or new hires. The team will work to ensure that all goals and targets are met at each juncture and that the project remains on track throughout.

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